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Being named jordan well the other jordan By michael jordanshouldn be a surprise that some guy named michael jordan would be writing a blog about my namesake recently turned 50 but make no mistake there is a change in talent between this michael jordan and the one we watched for over decade scortch the knicks and many other nba teams.He made a game look easy.When i was a teen mj just surfaced to the picture.Determination his mark, at least at the time i can remember, in his last year at the university of nc.I remember being in high school and the early indication that this guy was going to be special and i would be listening to it the rest of my life.From there he went onto stardom in the nba winning 3 finals, retiring and then returning and winning 3 more.How many nba stars toil for years and never grab one title and this guy has 6 spanning through a retiring.Now enough of him and more of me since this is about the other jordan. I explain to you it hasn been bad.From better reservations to upgraded rooms it has been much worse.People never forget your name it doesn't matter how much or how little your conversation meant to them they never forget.Still carrying this name on the basketball court hadn been easy from outright ridicule to a far reaching comparison never boded well for me.Unlike the middle aged michael jordan in the flooring buisingess on espn i am 6 foot 3 inches and could dunk more than a donut at one time but never like his airness could. The name in our family started with my grandpa in ireland.Passed down to the my father and later to me.And guess what my son is named jordan.Of all of mj in us, our roots to a town called drumshambo in district leitrim, my son has a few selected mj talent on the basketball floor.Although at age 10 he has had to defend his name as well explaining to others that his parents didn name him after jordan but after jordan(Doesn that sound loonie! ).What is nice though is through it all he has maintained a great reputation which has helped if i was named michael jackson it may have been we Air Jordan 5 have them all the negative press around the jackson prodigal son. It is cool when you cheap jordans shoes can finally buy sneakers, pants, socks and shirts with your name already on them and at no expense or having to special order.Consider this from this perspective if michael jordan never existed in the nba and did the things on the court that he did would i be writing this blog and you reading it?Certainly not! For see results about jordans the record the name jordan has been in our family much longer(Mj daddy name was james)But again without his achievements my name wouldn conjure up the visions that we associate with"Air nike air nike test,


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